The Power of Reiki – the day I gave ‘positive energy’ to a situation


As part of my career change/midlife crisis/life journey, I have rediscovered Reiki and my passion for writing.

Today’s post I tweaked from my creative writing class. I would love to hear other people’s experiences of Reiki so please do share and comment.

outline of person with lotus leaf and word Reiki

I’m eager to expand the possibilities of my new power today. I know I shouldn’t call it power. It’s a system of natural healing or alternative therapy using universal energy.

That’s what I learnt in both my Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 classes. Some call it Healing Hands. Some call it spiritualism. Some call it a crock of shit. How rude.

A bit about Reiki

Reiki is based on quantum physics so here’s a quick lesson. Absolutely everything in the universe is made up of atoms – you, me, a tree, lettuce – you get the gist.

Atoms consist of a nucleus containing protons and neutrons, surrounded by electrons in shells (stick with me). These shells are actually different energy levels and within the energy levels, the electrons orbit the nucleus of the Atom. So you could say, everything is energy. Including us.Atom diagram with electron, proton, neutron and nucleus

When you connect with Reiki you can improve the internal flow of your own, or someone else’s energy and remove ‘blocks’. This can help with relaxation, reduce pain or illness and improve overall wellbeing.

We can get energy blocks for a variety of reasons – physical, mental and emotional.

Cartoon toilet plunger

When you have a block, energy won’t flow.  You might feel sad, tired, stuck or just a bit crap and not know why.

Imagine yourself as a human toilet with a blocked S-bend. Reiki is the plunger that unclogs you, allowing energy to flow again.

And it works. Swear to God. Or whomever you may or may not believe in. Some pretty freaky amazing things happened when I had my first treatment.

My First Time

My mate’s new girlfriend, Renata, had trained in Reiki and was trying to explain the whole ‘energy’ thing to me.

I must have looked sceptical as she said ‘Let me give you a treatment’.

So I went and lay on my bed and Renata asked me to close my eyes and relax. (Yeah I’ve heard that before)! Slightly self-conscious and very dubious I did as I was told.

blue sky with bright shining sunI couldn’t tell what Renata was doing as her touch was very light and my eyes were closed. I waited.  Gradually I became aware of a warmth releasing down like a tropical sun.

Pulsating shifting heat was beating on my skin. Very focused and isolated. My head was hot. Then my ears were burning. Suddenly like a cloud passing and blocking the piercing rays, my throat felt cold and constricted. The cloud passed and heat returned above my heart.

At one point the intensity on my lower leg grew uncomfortable and I jerked, swotting away Renata’s hovering hands like you would a persistent fly. What the hell was this strange sensation and how was it happening?

Suddenly a switch went off beneath my closed eyes. The speckled blackness was replaced with wondrous colours of iridescent violets and purples.

galaxy and stars

It was like merging a child’s kaleidoscope with a Playstation VR headset.  Colours growing, glowing, pulsating and breathing. My whole being was taken over by this truly beautiful image – breathtaking and slightly terrifying at the same time.

And no, I wasn’t drunk!

After the treatment had ended Renata asked me if something was wrong with my leg. Reiki had lured her there like a hungry fish to a squirming worm.

I showed her the scar from a mole that had been cut out just days early, hidden away under my jeans.

Healing Hands indeed.

man's hand above woman in reiki poseI was excitedly sharing the physical sensations I had experienced and firing questions to Renata.

What did it all mean?

Why did I feel hot and cold in different areas?

What did the colours in my head mean?

Before she could answer a sudden wave of emotion crashed over me. It was like being struck by a tsunami of sadness.

I inexplicably burst into tears.

Renata explained that she started at the top of my head and moved her hands very slowly down to my feet during the treatment. Sometimes her hands hovered above me – you do not need to physically touch a person to give Reiki. Through sensations in her hands, she knew where to guide the healing energy.
reiki treatment hands cupped over patient's ears

Sometimes the energy was needed to heal physically-  like the scar on my leg. Sometimes it was needed for something intangible and profound – my emotional outburst was proof of that.

That was my first experience of Reiki and the start of my journey of discovery.

Getting Attuned

By receiving a special ritual called an attunement, anyone can connect to Reiki and reap in its many wondrous benefits. A bit like joining Tesco loyalty scheme but without the coupons. I took a Reiki course and received my attunement. I could now Reiki myself and family and friends. (There’s another blog post right there!)

praying image symbol

Life went on. Then the time felt right to take my second Reiki course.

Here I learnt about the many levels to Reiki. Not only is everything physical made up of energy but also so, is space and time. Without getting into the technicalities – because I really don’t understand them myself – you can connect with Reiki and ask for energy to help a situation.

I found this hard to believe too – hence today’s experiment.

The Experiment

hands holding white lightsI connected with Reiki this morning 5th February 2019 and asked the universal energy to help with my day’s tasks – creating a blog site and setting up my own Reiki business to give treatments.

This is what happened.

Firstly I rang our home insurance company to discuss the necessary policy adjustments if I was to treat clients at home.

I was put on hold for 20 minutes.

That’s ok I thought. Let Reiki do its work and rectify this unacceptable situation.

Finally, a human voice interrupted the repetitive tinned music to advise that all their computer systems were down and would not be operational for the rest of the day.

Strike One.

So then I moved on to my blog.

I’m very excited about it and just want to lose myself in the writing like a dancer swaying to the beat of their favourite song. But you can’t move your furniture into a house that’s not built.

Creating a site was my first task so I opened an online course on ‘how to build a successful website’.

The enthusiastic yet annoying instructor helped me pick a ‘vibrant and enticing’ WordPress theme to customise and ensure I would ‘stand out from the crowd’.

I threw myself at the mercy of Reiki for creative inspiration.

I was off!

Learning how to create page headings.

Inserting wondrous things called widgets and plug-ins. I wonder what they will do?

Painstakingly choosing the perfect images to accompany yet-to-be-created posts.

I felt empowered and in charge.

It was an incredibly rewarding and emotional experience to see my first ever blog site magically developing right in front of my eyes.

And then I broke it.

error coding on computerA fatal error message flashed at me followed by a continuous stream of meaningless symbols and codes.

The damn thing was swearing at me and I had no idea what to do.

I started to sweat.

I clicked buttons.

More fatal error messages.

Stupid Instructor Woman continued her instructions unfazed.

cartoon woman frustrated at computer with coffee and papers

I Googled for help. Asked blog forums. Rang friends. Prayed.

Where the hell was Reiki now?

Five hours later my hosting company found a Plug-In that my vibrant and enticing theme didn’t like so they deleted it.

Along with all my day’s work.

Problem sorted but the day had been completed wasted and I was going to have to redo everything.

Strike Two.

And so flash-forward a couple of hours. I’m heading to my creative writing course, headphones on listening to my new audiobook as I cross the London streets.

The book subject is, of course, my latest fad – positive energy. This time the author tells me life will send me what I need if I succumb and allow energy to flow through me. I smile and give in to life’s energy.A frazzled frumpy cartoon woman holding a bag

And slam into the solid energy of a moving vehicle.

Literally. I ricocheted off a Royal Mail van whilst crossing the street.

Strike Three.

Now I know what you’re thinking as I was thinking the same thing.

So much for using Reiki to improve a situation! It couldn’t have gotten much worse!

Or Could It?

The next day when I rang my insurance company I got chatting with the call handler.

She was a lovely lady and we really clicked.
happy woman on phone
Before I knew it I had told her my life story and she was congratulating and praising me for the big decisions I had made leaving a job to find happiness.

She shared with me her own dream to leave insurance and become a child psychologist.

I shared my own enthusiasm for my new blog and she said she would love to read it.

My first follower!

We spoke for ages and she left me with such a warm lovely feeling and confidence to continue with my new life journey.

I also got the adjusted home insurance for free.

Next, I sat down to recreate my site.

I had a sudden inspiration to do things differently.

Woman writing I'll do it my wayI didn’t need a huge menu full of meaningless pages.

I just wanted to write a damn blog.

So I chose a simple theme and calmly I began to write my first post.

Oh, and the Royal Mail van didn’t kill me did it? Infact I wasn’t even scratched.

So yeah, things could have been a lot worse.

Faith in Reiki restored. Namaste.







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