The day I stopped being a perfectionist


Every year I make a cake for my son’s birthday. And every year I get stressed out because It Has To Be Perfect.

This year I decided to try something new and not be perfect. Our chosen theme from the boy was Minecraft.

Mum-cheat number one

Minecraft small cake topping icing squares
I bought ready-made Minecraft icing tiles from Amazon.

I figured eighty would be enough to cover a cake. Stupidly I didn’t read the fine print stating they were 1cm in size. doh!

Mum-cheat number two

Betty Crocker Devil Food cake mix and frosting tubNormally I would cook the cake from scratch and make my own frosting.

In the slightly tweaked words of the lovely George Michael:

This year to save me from tears I’ll leave it someone special….

Thank you, Betty Crocker.

Mum-cheat number three

ice frosting squares in green and brownEasy to please, the birthday boy was fine with the miniature Minecraft tiles only being on the top block of the cake, but the board looked very bare.

I rummaged through the cupboard and found last year’s leftover Lego themed fondant. Red and Green. Boom!

A quick zap in the microwave and mushing them together – Minecraft styled board done.

Ok, it’s nowhere near perfect. Or straight. Or squares.

But my trial ‘being non-perfect’ combined with a bottle of prosecco made it perfectly acceptable for a homemade 8-year-old’s birthday cake.

And more importantly, my son LOVED the final product.

homemade chocolate cake with minecraft tiles

We haven’t eaten it yet. But I plan to have another bottle of prosecco in me by the time we do, so I’m sure it will be fine.





2 Thoughts to “The day I stopped being a perfectionist”

  1. Sifa

    Cake looks fab, bet it tastes better than my pancakes this morning…….🙈

    1. Lu

      I’m sure they were delicious!

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