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Depression – the beginning, the middle and I’m hoping the end

The beginning Just before I got married, I was feeling very overwhelmed, anxious and unable to deal with normal life. Hubby-to-be and I were trying to organise our wedding that would take place in Oz, halfway around the world.  It was only fair as my Italian parents were paying for it and that’ s where I grew up. At my ripe old age of 35, they had pretty much given up...


The Dreaded D-Word and its crippling effect on strong women

Depression comes in many different disguises. Firstly it can creep up slowly and envelope you in its mendacious warm embrace. Until one day you realise you have no reason to get out of bed. Alternatively, it can hit you swiftly like a baseball bat catapulting you from false security to nuclear meltdown over the smallest unwise indiscretion. ‘I’ve just cleaned the toilet! Did you have to go and shit now?’...