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I'm a mum who's on the edge. I'm not always able to balance the child, the husband, and the career. I worry why I can’t be happy with my perfect life, whether my kid has too much sugar and screen time, and if the Friends cast will ever reunite. Sometimes I hide under the duvet. Sometimes I'm the life of the party. Breakdowns. Therapy. Career Change. Midlife crisis. I’ve either done it or doing it. Hopefully by sharing my highs and lows I can inspire other mums who are travelling their own rocky paths in our ultimate search for true happiness.

Mind talk

Why is everything great one minute and awful the next? The Vulnerability and Joy Connection

Leaving the vet with my already very unhappy cat, we were faced with a sheet of rain descending in one furious downpour.  Waiting wasn't an option as Dougie was making it very clear in the cat carrier he wanted out.  So I raced to the car, got wet and drove home.  Typically about 2 minutes after getting inside the rain cleared and the sun grinned sarcastically down at me. It...

Perfect Mum

The day I stopped being a perfectionist

Every year I make a cake for my son's birthday. And every year I get stressed out because It Has To Be Perfect. This year I decided to try something new and not be perfect. Our chosen theme from the boy was Minecraft. Mum-cheat number one I bought ready-made Minecraft icing tiles from Amazon. I figured eighty would be enough to cover a cake. Stupidly I didn't read the fine...


How much are you willing to spend to keep your pet alive?

This week has been really tough as one of our beloved cats, Dougie, suddenly became very ill and was hospitalised with cholangiohepatitis - a chronic liver disease. Dougie is 14 and 'he's had a good life' -  so everyone keeps saying. It's no consolation to me though, he's always been the healthy one. His brother Indiana is the one that is constantly visiting the vet. Indie and Dougie. Where does one start...


The Power of Reiki – the day I gave ‘positive energy’ to a situation

As part of my career change/midlife crisis/life journey, I have rediscovered Reiki and my passion for writing. Today's post I tweaked from my creative writing class. I would love to hear other people's experiences of Reiki so please do share and comment. I’m eager to expand the possibilities of my new power today. I know I shouldn’t call it power. It’s a system of natural healing or alternative therapy using...


Depression – the beginning, the middle and I’m hoping the end

The beginning Just before I got married, I was feeling very overwhelmed, anxious and unable to deal with normal life. Hubby-to-be and I were trying to organise our wedding that would take place in Oz, halfway around the world.  It was only fair as my Italian parents were paying for it and that’ s where I grew up. At my ripe old age of 35, they had pretty much given up...


The Dreaded D-Word and its crippling effect on strong women

Depression comes in many different disguises. Firstly it can creep up slowly and envelope you in its mendacious warm embrace. Until one day you realise you have no reason to get out of bed. Alternatively, it can hit you swiftly like a baseball bat catapulting you from false security to nuclear meltdown over the smallest unwise indiscretion. ‘I’ve just cleaned the toilet! Did you have to go and shit now?’...